YES! (Do the D​-​Bry)

by Ring Rope Rebellion

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This track was created by Ring Rope Rebellion as fan service to WWE and the superstar known as Daniel Bryan.



He's got the ladies chanting. (Yes)
He's got the fellas chanting. (Yes)
He's got the whole universe and the people chanting. (Yes)
He's got the fans chanting. (Yes)
And the crowd chanting. (Yes)
He's got every single corner of the world dancing. (Yes)
Do the D-Bry (x2)
Got everybody dancing, you can see why.
Do the D-Bry (x2)
Everybody lace your boots up and D-Bry.

[Verse 1:]
Daniel Bryan is the man, he don't take no crap
Got the Yes lock locked in, ready to snap
Got your arm contorted, ready to pop
Tapping instantly, wishing the pain would stop
All natural, in the ring a technician
Student of his craft, Master Submission
Yes Yes Yes and throwing up the finger
He's a wrestling machine, you can call him Mazinger
Submission Specialist, can't out-wrestle this
moves so sick, ain't no one can resist
Mad respect, honor in the ring
Making people tap like it's no big thing
The kid from the indies, now in the big leagues
Bursting your bubble, pop, Wrigleys.
Got my flow in a lock when in comes to these raps
In the end there's no choice cuz everybody taps
Look at him now, he was trained by HBK.
First he was the student, now he's the sensei.
Woo'd and wow'd all over the world.
Take a look at AJ. She's his girl.
But not anymore. She screwed him hard.
That loss to Sheamus really put him on guard.
Ever since then, the crowd says "Yes."
But that's all done, so I digress.
Rockin' indy scenes as American Dragon.
Busy breakin' limbs, still time for braggin.
Runnin' the world. Movin' up in rank.
Stealin' gold like he robbin' a bank.
So explosive... Michael Bay.
How to save a life... Quote The Fray.
All the other guys just fight and bore us.
I wanna say "yes" so hit the chorus.

[Verse 2:]
Shawn Stasiak. There ain't no meat here.
Comin' off the top. Getting better each year.
Call him Hank Hill. He deals in pro pain.
That's a pun. Growth. Rogaine.
What was that? You say you're a naysayer?
You better hit rewind. Cassette player.
Ridin' the reign and it ain't by accident.
Movements so smooth... Laxative.
Running this thing like his name's McMahon.
You better back down cuz he's got a game plan.
The man's in his prime. Getting better each time.
So watch what you do, cuz the end is nigh.
...Uh... No one in the world can do it like Bryan
Deny this fact, then you be lyin'
Better luck next time troll, keep tryin'
...Uh... When it comes to wrestling, he's the best
More technical than all the rest
The answer to the question of course is Yes


released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Ring Rope Rebellion Gallatin, Tennessee

A pioneer in the world of pro wrestling-themed hip hop.

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